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The Dutch brand OOZOO launched it's first collection of timepieces about 14 years ago. Since then, the brand is a big hit in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Greece, United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, Poland, Spain, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and Venezuela.
The secret? OOZOO timepieces are fashion items in every sense of the word. OOZOO does not follow trends, it sets trends. Fashion comes in first place, but obviously it’s just as important to display the right time…


Unique, bold and striking watches that are created for the fashionable trendsetters. Strong colours and firm materials combined, ensures DUKUDU to be the solid watch for every wearer.


Are you looking for a watch that can complement your outdoor lifestyle while still offering a luxurious look? If so, then Timberland watches should be on your radar.

Timberland is a United States based brand that has been in business since 1952. Originating in Massachusetts, Timberland took inspiration from New England’s mix of classic old cities and wooded mountain trails. The result was a range of functional but stylish products for outdoor enthusiasts, from boots to jackets to backpacks.

Timberland also makes watches, which capture the appeal of the brand’s other products. Leather wristbands give way to stainless steel casings and beautiful, timeless faces. As both lovely keepsakes and functional timepieces, Timberland watches fit the bill.

Of course, there are other types of watches available, too. The Gents ‘Boxford’ watch, for instance, boasts a rugged design ideal for hikers, bikers, and camping enthusiasts. With a silicone strap, a durable case and water resistance up to 50 metres, this watch is perfect for someone who likes to spend most of their time outdoors.


Lorus was first launched in Europe in 1982 to complement the already popular Pulsar and Seiko brands. Lorus was an instant success, offering not only affordable products, but products with high design and technology qualities. Taking advantage of the huge commitments to technology advancement made by the Seiko Watch Corporation, Lorus now offers a wide variety of watches in its product collection, alongside all the standard functions such as solar, digital, duo-display and alarm-chronographs. Check them out if you haven't already done so.


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