Labradorite necklace


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The Jade Vine Necklace is bound to make an eye-catching impact with its stunning natural stone feature. This sterling silver short style necklace features a unique round-shaped, ball edge setting adorned with faceted labradorite in mysterious stormy grey tones. Reserve these for your next special occasion to make a statement.


The Jade Vine Necklace is an eye-catching, classic piece made for the stylish woman

The 12mm pendant hangs on a 38cm chain with a 5cm extension. The pendant positions perfectly on the middle of the chest

Luxuriously crafted from sterling silver 925, a precious metal that adds subtle appeal and is made to last

Features an interesting round-shaped drop featuring a faceted labradorite stone sitting on a fine ball chain

The perfect complement to a fancy party with its yellow gold and stormy grey tones

Labradorite necklace
Labradorite necklace
Labradorite necklace

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