Mary glass wall clock


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In polished mirror and shimmering glass, this beautiful classic style timepiece is a must for any beautiful interior.   Mary has a lovely panelled mirror frame with a simple bevelled edge surrounding her classic style pale cream and mirrored roman numeral face.  This gives her an enchanting yet sophisticated look that oozes femininity and will add a touch of glamour and sparkle to any interior room.

And like all our bespoke designed clocks, Mary boasts a silent sweep movement which means the hands will smoothly rotate around the face without the ticking motion so you can ensure a quiet and restful environment throughout the day or night…


  • Available in  50cm
  • Silent movement / mechanism
  • Mirror / glass finish
  • Open Dial 
  • Glass Construction
  • Silver hands
  • 1 x AA Battery


Mary glass wall clock
Mary glass wall clock