Round Ohana picnic tables


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The Round Natural Ohana Table the most useful table you will ever own.  Just as convenient as our wine tables but minus the cut-outs for more tabletop action.

The Natural Ohana Table is left in its natural hues, inspired by the golden sands and natural timbers of our Australian landscapes.

Our Round Ohana table is the perfect all-rounder table.  Ideal as a camping table, designated kids table, Beer table and is a perfect breakfast-in-bed table with folding legs.  It has become a much-loved part of our portable table family.

The Round Natural Ohana table has a handle cut-out to allow to allow you to carry it easily.  With ample room for your drinks of choice and food platter, perfect for a weekend sports table and the ideal accessory to hold anything you’d like to keep off the sand and grass.  Both legs fold neatly under so when you’re finished using it, simply wipe it down, just close the legs down and pop it away.

Round Ohana picnic tables
Round Ohana picnic tables